J & S Industrial (HK) Ltd.

   J & S Industrial (HK) Ltd. was found in 1996, located in Hong Kong, the beautiful city at Eastern Asia. J & S has a few of product lines include specialty adhesive tapes, LCD related electronic components, and machineries. Its business involves in high-technology fields such as electronics, computers, instruments, plastics, and metals. All supplied by well-known manufacturers from around the world.

   The business scope of J & S Industrial (HK) Ltd. covers international-wide markets and becomes one of the famous industrial suppliers in Hong Kong due to its high expectation in product quality and services as well as the fully support from the global vendors such as Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, and Europe. Consequently, maximize the satisfaction of our customers.


   Despite the domestic business, export to overseas is being one of the fastest growing businesses of J & S. As the trend of globalization is accelerating, the world's demand of hardware is more likely to be merchandised from Asia especially from China due to China's products are cheap in price, good in quality, and short lead-time. J & S well understands Hong Kong's role as the window of China by which works as the linkage between foreign countries and China. With the advantages of Hong Kong's well established infrastructure in finance, legal, telecommunication, and logistics, J & S began to merchandise competitive products to export to the worldwide markets. Nowadays, J & S 's customers are located internationally include USA, South America, Europe as well as the Eastern countries Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

    To better serve both our customers and suppliers, J & S has established branch office in Shenzhen. J & S also has a sister company Leko Electronics Machinery Ltd. Located in Zhaoqing as a factory for fabrication of LCD connector equipments/machines. This factory provides high quality and precise machinery products which started to export to foreign markets since 2002. Consequently, J & S becomes an enterprise who engages in market development and the research, manufacturing, and distribution of products.


Jun, 1996

Found in Hong Kong as a distributor and importer of electronic components

Oct, 1998

Industrial Adhesive Tapes Division was set up

Apr, 2002

Started export business

Jun, 2003

Launched the owned brand “BONDOS” for Industrial Adhesive Tapes

Nov, 2003

Acquired Leko Electronics Machinery Ltd. As a subsidiary factory for fabrication of LCD connector equipments.

Sep, 2004

Being authorized dealer of Bondos tape HK

Dec, 2004

Set up branch office in Shenzhen City of China

Jun, 2005

Succeeded to be the vendor of SIEMENS for LCD bonding equipments

    Our Mission  

   Our Mission is to be a leading supplier of Industrial Material in the World. We are committed to meet our customer needs through our Superior Service Quality, Responsiveness, and Cost Effective Solutions.

    Company Ideology And Culture  


•  Empathizes thinking and consideration in customers' views.

•  Understanding & satisfying customer needs.

•  Be initiative to establish interactive communication channel to respond customer's request.

•  Provides the most excellent services to maximize customer satisfaction.

•  Provides the best cost effective solutions to customers.

•  We will be successful when customers are being successful.

Products & Services

•  High quality and durable products - only the best quality assured products and services can enhance customer satisfaction.

•  Reasonable and competitive price.

•  Fast lead-time of delivery.

•  Fast and sympathized response to customers' questions and inquiries.

•  Superior and professional pre-sale and post-sale services.

Vendors and Strategic Alliances

•  J & S had combined the strengths with the Strategic Alliances from domestic and foreign manufacturing Vendors to gain complementary and synergy to develop busines ses as well as to provide more choices to customers .

•  Collaborate s friendly and cohesively with the Strategic Alliances and Vendors by mutual trust, aggressiveness, and enthusiasm •  The ultimate objective is to achieve “ numerous-win situation ” .

Human R esource

•  Human Resource is one of the most important propert ies of enterprises. Therefore we think highly and affirm the value of staff.

•  Staff is equal to “human resource supplier”, has no different to common suppliers. Possess excellent “human resource supplier” representing we own a uniquely strong competency.

•  By providing superior working conditions, sympathy in employee welfare, building a open communication atmosphere, establishing team-work spirit, and sharing the benefits of achievements, J & S dedicates to stimulate the maximum potential of staff thus to enhance it s competitiveness.

•  Continuous learning is similarly important to the development for both the enterprise and staff. Moreover, the knowledge based economy is approaching. J & S takes staff's self- increment extremely. By sponsoring staff to take advanced courses after work (Examples: Marketing Management, Foreign Languages) and regular internal training in order to emphasize the staff quality and to grasp new knowledge and new skills.

•  J & S promotes equality in management that eliminates the traditional bureaucratism and classification in order to simplify the organizational structure and respects the staff.

Products & Services

•  Dedicate s to satisfy customers, vendors, and staff. Let everybody enjoy the pleasure in working with J & S.

•  Only relying on high degree of ethics and trustworthiness can acquire the trust and support from customers and vendors in a long run business.

•  To achieve win-win situation or even “ numerous-win situation ” .

•  With expertise in products and understand the market.

•  Continuous learning & innovati ve .

•  Practices in the global development direction. Adapts and grasps the influence and opportunities which globalization brings.

•  Changing is eternal. Always predict future environmental changes and deals to their impacts and opportunities positively.



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